«Only by loving what is ours, our people, our culture, can we discover and love other cultures»

Sabores do Alvão is much more than a restaurant. It is a tribute to all those travellers who understood that visiting a new place helps create a legacy of love and respect for other cultures and ways of life. This legacy is the essence of the collection of objects and designs that customers leave, which is preserved and can be visited at our facilities.

Appreciating travel as vital experiences, unhurriedly, and for the purpose of growing spiritually is the purpose and philosophy of Sabores do Alvão. A journey to the senses, to reconnect us with the love of the thing itself through the unknown.

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Food, understood as a simple luxury is an integral part of the experience at Sabores do Alvão. We offer a wide variety and intensity of flavours through the region's culinary techniques, always using fresh, local produce. From the culinary techniques used to the complexity of our dishes, you will enjoy the best food encounter in a fantastic environment at the heart of Ermelo.


A roast or fish in our wood oven, rice or a stew. We sit down, with no worries and enjoy a meal outdoors, unlabelled, unhurried, with laughter and fresh, simple wine. Life has to be lived this way, as it comes, enjoying every moment. A different option for each moment of the day, for each mood, for each taste. The taste of Ermelo and the essence of traditional food culture come together in our menus.


If something defines our food experience, it is love for our cuisine, for the richness of the produce, for the versatility of our preparations. For the natural creativity of the cuisine of Sabores do Alvão, the palate and the interplay of flavours are key elements of the experience, putting our own culture and tradition at the forefront.

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Rua principal 695 – Ermelo, Mondim de Basto
4880-133 Vila Real, Portugal